Product Description

Itme No. :         Size:
9060ET          610mm x 460mm x  175mm
9070ET          710mm x 460mm x  175mm
9075ET          760mm x 460mm x  175mm
9080ET          810mm x 460mm x  175mm
9090ET          910mm x 460mm x  175mm
9100ET          1010mm x 460mm x 175mm
9120ET          1210mm x 460mm x 175mm
9120EET        1210mm x 460mm x 175mm
9140EET        1410mm x 460mm x 175mm
9150EET        1510mm x 460mm x  175mm

Material       Ceramic
Features      Integrated sink and vanity top
                     Streamlined surfaces for easy cleaning
                     Faucet hole option: Single / 4-inch / 8-inch
                     Rectangular basin bowl with circular bead
                     Round overflow drain

Product Info

Minorder 1

Product Detail

Vitreous China Rectangular Vanity Top Bathroom Cabinet Wash Basin
Technical Information

All product dimensions are nominal.
Item No.      9060ET        9070ET       9075ET        9080ET         9090ET       9100ET        9120ET
Length:        610mm         710mm        760mm        810mm         910mm       1010mm       1210mm
Width:          460mm         460mm        460mm        460mm          460mm       460mm        460mm
Depth:         175mm         175mm        175mm         175mm         175mm       175mm         175mm
Bowl configuration:  Single
With overflow: Yes
Faucet hole(s) option: 
single / 4-inch / 8-inch

Item No.       9120EET           9140EET          9150EET
Length:         1210mm            1410mm           1510mm
Width:           460mm              460mm             460mm
Depth:           175mm             175mm             175mm
Bowl configuration:  Double
With overflow: Yes
Faucet hole(s) option: 
single / 4-inch / 8-inch

Integrated sink and vanity top.
Streamlined surfaces for ease of cleaning
Rectangular basin bowl with circular bead
With overflow.
Waste sold separately.

Vitreous china

Vanity top




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