Why is the basin taps so expensive?

 “ Faucets have a big price ", which is the first impression of many customers who go to the bathroom shop for the first time. Expensive faucets are everywhere in the market. Well, the faucet is not inlaid with gold and silver. Why is it so expensive? ­ Generally speaking, the valve core, high durability and high-tech electroplating level of the basin taps are an important reason for its high price. In the choice of faucet, high price often means high trust, because the faucet is the most critical equipment to control water, so it is better not to choose the one with low price.

The main raw material of faucet is divided into miscellaneous copper and pure copper, and the more advanced is copper nickel mixed material. Pure copper is not easy to corrode and oxidize. After polishing for many times, it is good for electroplating, and the electroplating quality is better than that of miscellaneous copper. Low price faucets are produced by small manufacturers with small scale, poor equipment and weak technical strength. The thickness of nickel plating and chromium coating is only 3 ~ 4 microns, which is easy to be oxidized and corroded. And high price faucet, the best plating thickness can reach 12 microns, and faucet plating thickness of the international standard is 8 microns.