What kinds of wash basin counter top can be divided into

  Which types of wash basin counter top can be divided into? ? How much do you know about this? Today I will talk about this issue to you
I hope to help you.
  Wash basin counter top: It can be divided into three types: hanging type, column type and desktop type.
  Desktop: It is divided into trimming type wash basin counter top and undercounter wash basin counter top. The wash basin counter top on the trimming counter top is installed directly on the counter, and the wash basin can be trimmed to modify the countertop; the counter is combined with the solid countertop material and installed on the wash basin counter top under the counter.
  Hanging type: also known as wall-mounted type, this kind of wash basin counter top needs to build a low wall during the decoration, and wrap the water pipe into the wall.

Column style: eye-catching visual focus, open space under the washbasin, easy to clean.
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