What is a good one piece toilet?

The variety of different toilet bowls and types of water traps on the market makes it very difficult to choose the toilet bowl with the best flushing qualities. The decision on buying and using a certain american standard one piece toilet is often based on the purchase price and the design and rarely taken because of better flushing qualities. Particularly for big projects, such as schools,kindergartens and old pensioners’homes, toilet bowls are chosen which are available at a low price and in nice designs, but which, with a 6-liter-flush, fail to flush out the respective flush material satisfactorily in daily use. 

Moreover, remaining fecal matter sticking to the inner surface of the dual flush elongated one piece toilet is not completely cleared by a single flushing and the visual effect is a nuisance to the next user, who will in most cases react by starting another flushing or even repeated flushings. Thus the amount of water for each compact one piece toilet use will increase. 

Therefore, it is especially important to understand the one piece toielt manufacturer quality control standards in detail before selecting a new one piece toielt manufacturer 2021 for long-term cooperation.

OVS Sanitary Ware Porcelain Toilet Inspection Standard

1. Observation
OVS Sanitary Ware will observe whether there are obvious defects on the surface of the american standard one piece toilet. If no, the best one piece toilet will pass to the next quality check step.

2. Measurement
Each part of the best one piece toilet has to be measured for specifications. Especially the length of one piece elongated toilet,the hight of one piece comfort height toilet, the screw hole of the toilet seat, the bowl size of one piece round toilet. No matter round one piece toilet or tall one piece toilet, the size of drain hole is the most important. It should fit the American standard.

3. Air pressure test
Arguably the most important part of best one piece toilet 2021 – the part that is responsible for transferring waste from the home to the sewer pipes – is the siphon. Air pressure test can help to check the quality of a siphonic one piece toilet if any hidden tiny cracks.

4. Installation test
Installing a modern one piece toilet with toilet seat and flush machine is the the necessary steps for toilet quality control. OVS Sanitary Ware can help our client save much time and labor costs.

5. Water storage
OVS Sanitary Ware storages water 24 hours to find whether there is leakage. Some toilet manufacturers storage water test only for 2 or 3 hours for saving time, which may make it difficult to find some hidden cracks and lead to some hidden toilet leakage problems. 

6. Flush test
OVS Sanitary Ware make dual flush elongated one piece toilet flush test three times,plastic ball flushing test,floating material flushing test and color water flushing test.We will simulate actual use to test the flushing ability of the one piece comfort height elongated toilet and the amount of water used.

7. Dry and pack
Before packing the best rated one piece toilets 2021,it should be dried. If there is water in the compact one piece toilet at the time of packing, it will wet the carton and the toilet will easily cause breakage.


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