What are the advantages of wall mounted toilet

   Wall hung toilet is a new type of toilet. Its appearance is more beautiful and simple than ordinary toilets. It is a new landscape of toilets. The hanging toilet, hence the name implies, is a toilet hung on the wall. It is also called a hanging toilet or a wall-mounted toilet.

It is combined with a concealed water tank to become a complete toilet. This type of toilet is commonly found in developed countries in Europe. It has been used for more than 30 years and it has gradually become popular in China in recent years. Some medium and high-end buildings Both buildings and buildings have adopted hanging toilets, showing extraordinary quality and fashion.

   The use of hanging toilets also eliminates the sanitary corners, making cleaning easier. The parts of the traditional floor-standing toilet that are in contact with the ground and the back are not easy to clean, which is easy to breed bacteria. If the toilet is hung so that it does not touch the ground, there is no sanitary corner, and the toilet becomes cleaner and more beautiful.

  What are the advantages of wall mounted toilet

   occupies a small space, which is suitable for old houses and main bathroom. For small bathrooms, the space is more open. Drain the same floor. If the toilet is shifted, you can use it to avoid raising the floor. The water tank is hidden in the wall, the sound of the water is small, and there is not much flushing noise. Compared with floor-standing toilets, wall-mounted toilets are easier to clean, and it is not easy to leave a sanitary corner.

   The above is the detailed situation of wall mounted toilet introduced by the editor. I believe you have a certain understanding of wall mounted toilet after reading the introduction of the editor. Everything in life is changing. We must dare to accept new styles and believe that new styles naturally have more advantages than old ones. Before we choose wall mounted toilet, we must first understand the wall mounted toilet to see if we can accept it. After all, this is something we use for a long time. I hope that the introduction of the editor can bring you some help.