The wash basin selection

The bathroom is one of the largest cost per unit area in the renovation. It must be useful for a lot of money! When the basin is not properly watered, water splashes all over the place, and the bathroom is always wet and not dry. If the frequently used washbasin is not selected well, it will often become the biggest slot in the bathroom.
The wash basin is divided into under-counter basin and over-counter basin.
The most common ones are the over-counter basin and the under-counter basin. These two types of basins are also the two most tangled choices.
The high value of the countertop basin is most liked by young people, and the countertop basin has distinct advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages: The countertop basin has a high value, and different styles of decoration can be matched with different styles. It is very convenient to replace the countertop basin if you don't like it after a long time. Disadvantages: The basin is shallow and the water splashes out easily. The size of the countertop basin is limited by the countertop. For the same countertop, the volume of the countertop basin is smaller than that of the countertop basin. The biggest disadvantage of the countertop basin is that it is not easy to clean, it is difficult to clean the side and bottom near the wall, and the sealant used to paste the countertop basin will have the hidden danger of water leakage and mildew. If there is water on the countertop, it cannot be easily wiped into the basin.
Undercounter basins are the most common combination of countertops and basins. For the bathroom cabinet using the undercounter basin, the appearance of the countertop and the cabinet determines the appearance of the entire bathroom cabinet, and the undercounter basin plays a very small role in the appearance.
The under counter basin is bonded together with high strength adhesive. In order to increase the fastness, some basins also use iron tripods to fix the basins on the wall or the side panel of the cabinet.
The under-counter basin is generally sold as a whole with the bathroom cabinet. It is not easy to replace the under-counter basin alone. Generally, if the basin is damaged, the entire bathroom cabinet must be replaced.
You also don't have to worry about the load-bearing of the under-counter basin. The high-viscosity glue is enough to meet the load-bearing needs, and the under-counter basin with metal fasteners is stronger.