The wash basin is wrongly installed, it is hard to say, it is difficult to use it is a headache!

wash basin

The wash basin in home decoration is a piece of furniture that is frequently used. Whether it is washing hands, brushing teeth or washing underwear, wash basins are very powerful assistants. Regarding the installation and selection of wash basins, on the one hand, it has a strong relationship with the appearance of the home, and on the other hand, it also has a great relationship with practicability.
1. Where is the wash basin installed?
The installation location of the wash basin should be considered in the pre-interior design stage, and the location of the wash basin should be considered in the home, and then the upper and lower water should be preset according to the position of the wash basin.
The bathroom is used as a washing space. It is a very conventional indoor layout plan to install wash basins here. Generally, this place is also preset for water and sewage, and the bathroom is originally a relatively humid space, and the wash basins are put together here.
In the case of a separate layout design for the toilet, in order to make the small bathroom more practical, the wash basin can be separated from the toilet and shower area, and the wash basin can be arranged in the aisle area, so that even if someone goes to the toilet or takes a bath, wash your hands The basin can also be used independently.
In addition to washing and hand washing, the wash basin can also be used as a laundry pool. If the balcony is equipped with washing machine and drying functions and there is sufficient space on the balcony, it is also a good choice to install an extra wash basin on the balcony for washing hands or washing clothes. .
2. The role of wash basins
As an indispensable piece of furniture in home decoration, the wash basin is also vital because it has an irreplaceable function.
Whether it's brushing your teeth and washing your face when you wake up in the morning, or washing your hands every time you go home, the wash basin is a very convenient and comfortable design. If you don't have a wash basin, you need to bend over and use the short-installed faucet.
Many people’s living habit is to wash large clothes in the washing machine, while underwear, panties and socks are washed separately by hand, and the role of the wash basin can be reflected when the clothes are washed by hand.
3. How to choose a wash basin?
①Moisture-proof and durable
If the wash basin has a storage cabinet function, the style of the wash basin must first consider the moisture-proof design. From this point of view, the wash basin cabinet must not be made of particle board or the like. You can choose multi-layer board or stainless steel. Such as cabinet storage.
②Use experience
Different wash basins have different sizes and depths, and the experience of using them is also completely different. Generally speaking, the overall width of the wash basin is more than 600mm, it will be more comfortable, and the size of the wash basin must be the bigger the better. Of course, the wash basin The countertop should also be set aside for temporary storage of water cups, laundry detergent and other items to facilitate washing and laundry operations.
③Appearance design
In addition to being durable and easy to use, the choice of appearance style of the wash basin also has a relatively large relationship with the style of the space. Therefore, the appearance of the wash basin is also an important consideration when choosing a wash basin.