The advantages and disadvantages of hanging toilet

The wall-mounted toilet is mainly composed of two parts: one is the toilet body exposed outside and hung on the toilet itself, and the other is the water tank hidden in the wall. Both parts can be purchased separately in combination.
One of the most suitable spaces for the wall toilet is the external water tank, which makes the small water in the bathroom beautiful for selfies, and the half built for the hidden box can also be used for storage and decorative baths. Goods, small bathroom can also be popular and practical style.
If your toilet needs to be moved, it is also a good idea to choose a wall-mounted toilet. And the hidden water tank of the wall-mounted toilet can make the flushing sound lighter and avoid embarrassment.
Although there are many advantages of wall-mounted toilets, everyone is still more willing to choose ordinary toilets. The biggest reason is that the price is not high. The price of the concealed water tank and the wall-mounted toilet body is much more expensive than the ordinary toilet.
hanging toilet