How to choose the shape of the bathroom basin?

The shape of the bathroom basin

Basins are divided into above-counter basins, semi-inlaid basins, under-counter basins and integrated basins according to their shapes. According to their materials, they are divided into ceramic basins, artificial stone basins and slate basins.
The biggest advantage of the above counter basin is that it has high appearance and many designs with a sense of design. The biggest disadvantage of the above counter basin is that it is easy to form a sanitary dead corner behind the counter basin. If you choose an above counter basin, it is recommended to leave a certain gap between the counter basin and the wall for easy maintenance; in addition, the use of the wall faucet can also make the back of the basin It is easier to clean.
The advantage of semi-inlaid basin is that it saves space and is suitable for narrow countertops. The disadvantage is that sanitary dead corners are easily formed at the back of the basin and the joints. In order to facilitate maintenance, it is recommended to leave a certain amount of clean space behind the basin.
The advantage of the under-counter basin is that it is easy to take care of. The residual water on the countertop can easily be wiped into the counter basin. The disadvantage is that the shape is relatively ordinary, and there is no such fancy design as the over-counter basin.
The last type is a one-piece basin. The biggest advantage of one-piece basin is that there are no seams, so there is no sanitary corner.