How to choose the bathroom basin material?

The bathroom basin material

Let's introduce the materials of various basins. The first is the ceramic basin. Its advantage is that it is smooth and easy to take care of, and it is not easy to leave dirt on the surface. The disadvantage is that you can't customize the shape, only a fixed shape is available. When purchasing, pay attention to whether the glaze is smooth and not stained. From a practical point of view, it is recommended to choose a larger and deeper basin. Although the small and shallow basin looks good, it is easy to splash water out when it is actually used. Compared to appearance, I personally value practicality more. For most families, the large and deep ceramic undercounter basin is relatively practical and the most cost-effective one.
The second is the artificial stone basin. The biggest advantage of artificial stone basin is that it can be shaped arbitrarily. Many special shapes can only be realized by artificial stone. The artificial stone basin can not only be changed in shape, but also can be made in color. Tricks. Artificial stone basins are divided into two types: matte and bright. One problem of matte is that it is easy to bleed. If the basin is accidentally stained, the stained part can be polished off with sandpaper. The shiny man-made basin has a layer of glaze on the surface of the basin, so that it is not easy to bleed. The artificial stone with a bright surface must not be cleaned with steel wire balls or scouring pads, nor should it be hit or rubbed with hard objects to avoid damage to the glaze on the surface.
Finally, let's introduce the basin made of rock slabs. For the minimalist style, the rock slab integrated basin has a good shape and texture. Compared with the artificial stone integrated basin, the hardness and density of the rock slab are higher, so there is no need to worry about bleeding. The disadvantage of rock slabs is that they can only be shaped at right angles. Compared to arcs, it is easier to accumulate dirt at the corners. In addition, I would like to remind everyone that the rock and slab integrated basin is not truly integrated. Each side of it is glued together. If the manufacturer's craftsmanship is not enough, the glue may crack and leak. Therefore, if you want to choose a rock-slab integrated basin, you must choose a reliable merchant.