How to choose rectangular vanity-top bathroom sink? Pay attention to small details

Bathroom design, whether in home decoration or commercial space decoration, is to show the overall decoration taste in the details and play the role of icing on the cake. The most important of which is the rectangular vanity-top bathroom sink, which is not only the pursuit of beauty and high-end, but also Considering the needs of sanitation, what material should be selected?

1. Ceramic integrated basin

Ceramic one-piece basin is the most popular choice in home decoration at present, it is more practical, easy to clean, relatively low cost, suitable for the situation of limited decoration budget, but relatively simple in shape, cumbersome, and can not perfectly match the overall decoration style. 2. Artificial stone integrated basin

Artificial stone basins are more and more chosen by homes and commercial spaces, because the artificial stone itself is rich in color, which can perfectly match the overall decoration style. The warm texture can also improve the grade and the texture is more high-end.

Because of its uniform texture, non-porous and seamless characteristics, artificial stone can effectively inhibit bacteria, ensure hygiene requirements, and extend its service life with stain resistance.

3. Marble basin

Marble cannot be stamped to make a one-piece basin, but can only be used as a rectangular vanity-top bathroom sink. The visual effect presented is more dignified and gorgeous, naturally high-end, and of course the cost is relatively high. The radiation of natural stone itself needs to be considered, and the gaps caused by splicing may also become a sanitary blind spot for hiding dirt.