How to choose one piece eco toilet and smart toilet lid?

As the name suggests, one piece eco toilet refers to a toilet that adopts an integrated design and cannot be removed. Compared with the smart toilet cover, such a toilet hides the control panel and has a stronger overall feeling and a better look. In the renovation of a new house, and economic capacity permits, an integrated smart toilet will be more suitable.

Compared with one piece eco toilet, the biggest advantage of smart toilet cover is that it is easy to disassemble, and it is easier to install and disassemble. The adaptation range is wider, and the price will be lower. If you already have a toilet at home, it is recommended to choose a smart toilet lid that is more cost-effective.
In one sentence, if your home is being renovated and economic conditions permit, choose a more beautiful one piece eco toilet; for people who have a toilet at home or who are too expensive to have a one piece eco toilet, you can experience warm water washing with a smart toilet lid. The thrill of ass, and the price will be cheaper.