Glass or ceramic? Which kind of washing hand basin is the strongest and most durable?

In recent years, the colorful and diversified glass wash basins have broken the pattern of ceramic wash basins monopolizing the world in the past and brought a breeze to the sanitary ware market. Compared with ceramic wash basins, glass wash basins are favored by many owners due to their material advantages and rich shapes.
But there are also some owners worried that although the glass wash basin is good-looking, but there is no quality assurance, I'm afraid it's just a fad. This article will analyze for you, glass and ceramic, which kind of wash basin is the most solid and durable?
Characteristics of glass wash basin
1. Various materials, can be made into transparent glass, frosted glass, printed glass, etc., with good reflection effect, make the bathroom look more crystal.
2. Toughened glass, material safety, impact resistance.
3. Rich colors can match the overall decoration style of the toilet.
4. It is not resistant to dirt. Water stains and soap stains will be used on it. After a period of use, the surface of the glass is easy to be rough and fluffy, difficult to clean, and the gloss will be greatly reduced.
5. It is a new product in the market. The product quality is uneven, and the strength of some inferior products is very poor. As a result, the product can not be used for a long time.
Characteristics of ceramic wash basin
1. Single white, appear more elegant, and white is universal color, can match all kinds of bathroom style.
2. The washing hand basin with good enamel is not easy to stain and is convenient to clean. Most of the bathrooms are water stains and foam stains. Ceramic pots can hide stains well and do not show dirt.
3. Ceramic durable, a ceramic basin, basic can use 10 years will not show old.
4. The material is fragile, and heavy objects are easy to damage.
5. The style is moderate and does not show personality.
Compared with the two kinds of wash basins, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the general family use, or suggest choosing ceramic wash basin, after all, more durable.