Features of four water saving toilets flushing systems

Water saving toilets provide invaluable services for families, and such services often do not attract people's attention before they happen. If you want to learn more about different types of toilet flushing systems, please continue reading.

Four flushing systems
Gravity flush

The gravity flushing system is one of the most commonly used flushing systems and has been used for more than a century. When using this type of flushing system, the flushing valve or "baffle" will open and allow water to flush down the toilet. Gravity flushing systems are cheap and easy to maintain. However, they tend to sweat and sometimes perform poorly, so more is needed in terms of effectiveness.

Pressure assist
A toilet using a pressure-assisted flushing system has a pressure tank, which is filled with water and maintains a certain pressure. When the flush valve is opened, the combination of pressure and gravity can cause an explosive flush. Pressure-assisted flushing system provides powerful flushing function, performance is better than many similar products, and it is not easy to sweat. However, they are relatively expensive and may be difficult to maintain and noisy.

Vacuum assisted
The vacuum tank of the toilet with a vacuum assisted flushing system is connected to the sump. When the toilet is flushed, the water flowing from the water tank generates suction in the vacuum tank, which helps to suck the waste out of the toilet. This is one of the latest innovations in flushing technology. The vacuum-assisted flushing system is easy to maintain and is very effective in providing powerful flushing without sweating.

Double flushing system
The dual flush system is one of the most modern flush systems available today. The biggest advantage of this toilet flushing system is that the user can choose whether to flush completely or partially. This can help you and your family save water, and ultimately reduce water bills, because you won’t always need to rinse them out.

If you plan to install a new toilet, it is very important to consider your options in terms of flushing systems. Some newer toilets are also equipped with electric spray heads that provide automatic cleaning options, and even have a dual flushing system set up to handle liquid waste and solid waste.