Ceramic bathroom sink installation steps

We need to use ceramic bathroom sink for daily brushing, face washing, hand washing, etc. Many owners don't know how to install the wash basin after buying it home. This article will introduce to you: ceramic bathroom sink installation steps, ceramic bathroom sink installation precautions.
  Ceramic bathroom sink installation steps:
1. First of all, you need to measure the size of the basin first, take out the drawing to align the wash basin, trace and describe, place it on the table and draw the opening line along the edge, draw the opening diagram, and then review and check. No error.
2. After determining the opening position, start cutting the table, use a cutting machine to cut a large opening along the opening line, and grind the edge smoothly until there is no unevenness.
3. Install the marble countertop at the corner of the wall, pay attention to the space below to ensure that the drainage parts, water supply pipes, inlet and outlet valve switches, etc. can be installed.
4. Align the wash basin with the cut big mouth and gently put it into the marble countertop, adjust the position, draw its outline along the edge of the wash basin with a pencil, and make a mark to avoid installation errors.
5. Take out the wash basin, smear a circle of glass glue around the cutting edge line of the countertop, and then put the wash basin into the cutting opening according to the contour line just drawn, check whether the position is accurate and tidy, and then slowly press it Flat compaction, wipe off excess glass glue.
6. After the glass glue is dry, start to install the water inlet and drain pipe fittings. Before installation, open the water valve to drain the water in the pipeline for 3-5 minutes, and clean the pipeline to prevent the debris from blocking and affecting the water outlet. And the drainage situation, and then assemble them one by one.
7. After the installation is completed, the acceptance work cannot be missed. Carefully check whether the wash basin is firmly installed, and whether there is any leakage in each interface of the faucet.