Basin wash type|Advantages and disadvantages of pedestal basin and wall-mounted basin

Basin wash type

Most of the pedestal basins are very simple in design. Because the drainage components can be hidden in the column of the pedestal basin, it gives people a clean and tidy appearance. Moreover, when washing hands, the human body can stand in front of the basin naturally, so that it can be used. More convenient. . . The biggest advantage of the pedestal is that it occupies a small area, so many small toilets still use pedestal basins, and the basin body and drainage are solved together.
Disadvantages of pedestal: no storage space, small size, and slightly poorer practicability. There are fewer styles and simpler designs, which cannot meet the higher requirements of design requirements.

Wall-mounted basin
It can be understood literally as a washbasin hung on the wall. Wall-mounted washbasins can be said to be very space-saving. Because of its variety of sizes, styles and shapes, no matter what style of bathroom you are, wall-mounted basins can be perfectly integrated.