Basin wash type|Above counter basin or under counter basin, which wash basin should I choose?

Basin wash type

The wash basin is a large fixed piece of furniture that needs to be installed in every home decoration. It provides a comfortable and convenient space for our daily housework such as washing hands, brushing teeth, washing faces, washing underwear and so on. When choosing a washbasin, there is also a choice between above and undercounter basins. What is the difference between these two types of washbasins?
1. The advantages and disadvantages of above counter basin
In ordinary families, the number of people who choose the above counter basin is relatively small, mainly because the above counter basin is relatively poor in practicality. Let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the above counter basin:
① Rich in shape
The styles of the counter basins are rich and varied, which can be matched according to different decoration styles and space atmospheres, which can be more echoed with the overall style, and enhance the grade and design effect of the space.
②Inconvenient to use
The height of the countertop and the counter basin are different. When washing hands on the counter basin, it is easy to splash on the countertop, which is inconvenient to use;
In addition, the basin body of the above counter basin is larger, but the size inside the counter basin is smaller, which is not so convenient to use.
③Difficult to clean up
The above counter basin is easy to splash out of the basin when using the wash basin, and there are gaps between the inner side, both sides of the above counter basin and the wall, and the gap is not big or small, and it is very troublesome to clean up. , If you don’t clean it, it will get moldy after a long time. This is the main reason why many people don’t accept above counter basins.
2. The advantages and disadvantages of undercounter basins
The under-counter basin is a type of basin that many people choose. Its basin body is under the countertop of the sink. The whole is relatively simple, and it is more convenient to care and use. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the under-counter basin:
① Concise and generous
The under-counter basin is embedded under the basin of the sink, and the countertop is flat and unified visually, the overall effect is more concise and generous, and it is also more versatile in terms of decoration style and space matching.
②The countertop is spacious and convenient
The height of the countertop is the same as the top of the basin, and there is no raised basin as a whole. The space on the countertop is more uniform and spacious, and it is more convenient to use. When washing, the water cup can be placed on the table and it is easy to use; when washing underwear, small Put the washbasin on the countertop, so you won’t worry about running out of space.
③Easy to take care of
The countertop of the under-counter basin is flat. The wash basins are all under the countertop. If there are stains in the countertop, just turn on the faucet to rinse. When there are water stains on the countertop, it can be easily wiped clean. It is very convenient and simple to take care of.
From the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the above counter basins and under counter basins introduced in the previous article-the above counter basins are dominated by beautiful design, suitable for some families with large apartment sizes and high requirements on the style of counter basins; under counter basins are practical As the leading, suitable for most families who just need to live.